Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have questions other than those found here, just know that they will be answered in the spirit of our number one rule. We call it “Larry’s Rule”- which is a variance on the Golden Rule:

“Do unto others as THEY would have us do unto them”. Thus, we do not tell you what or how you will be served, we listen and endeavor to serve the food you want in the manner in which you want it to be served.

1)   What if there is a blizzard or other extreme weather?

Don’t worry. It’s our job to get your chef on site. We’ll make sure your meals are on time. During the recent storm, no meal service of Sterling clients was interrupted.

2)   What about special dietary needs of members due to health, religious or other special requirements?

Any special meal requirements will be met-just let our executive chef, Joe, know and it will be handled.

3)   What do I do if our chef is sick?

Nothing.  As a food service management company, it is our duty to provide uninterrupted meal service. If your chef is sick, our G.M., Philip, knows about it and will arrange for Chef Joe or another qualified Chef to fill in.

4) Can you do pre-game BBQs?

Sure. We served 650 people at just one of the pre-game BBQs last year.

5)   What if I see something being handled in a way that I think is not sanitary?

Immediately call our G.M., Philip. It is his job to maintain the strict sanitary standards of Sterling.   Generally, though, you need not worry.  Our Chefs all maintain a ServSafe™ certification (rigorous national sanitation program). Sanitation and safety are of primary importance with us.

6)   What if we suddenly need more meals due to a special Monday night event or we plan a last minute social event like Father’s Weekend Brunch?

No problem, we work very hard to stay flexible.  We know our clients have extremely busy schedules.  Our company is structured to seamlessly add or change menus on short notice.  We do prefer and appreciate reasonable notice.

7)   What if I think we have a problem with a kitchen appliance or other equipment?

Let us know. We have a group of vendors we’ve worked with for years who can assess the problem and provide a bid, if necessary.  If replacement is needed, we can help in getting the best product for the best price as well. We have no financial tie with our vendors, meaning we get no “finders fee” or payment of any kind. We just know who the good companies are to deal with and like providing that service to our clients.  Finally, Sterling will supervise the repair or replacement.

8)   What can I do if I don’t like something that is served or have a request or suggestion?

It is really important that we know that and we understand that it can be uncomfortable saying it. For this reason, we install suggestion boxes in the dining room and provide an e-mail address. Please write your concerns there and our Executive Chef, Joe will collect it each week. We also do periodic anonymous surveys for a detailed account of how we are doing.  Daily feedback from members and periodic committee meetings can be a great way for us to garner information that is immediately used for future menu planning.  The house director plays a critical role in providing any concerns or requests by members.

9)   If we have a really special event, can we step up the menu for it?

Of course…our Chefs are experienced, skilled craftsmen/women who can create any elegant meal you can imagine.  We can also provide menu ideas for your event.

10) What are the times that David and Philip are available to contact?

24/7.  We are committed to full service.  If you notice that kitchen equipment has malfunctioned in the middle of the night, please call us.